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Bangla New Sad SMS
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Bangla Sad SMS New

Along with sleeping, the first thing in mind is that your name, good morning love


Will you be my house
Get up or grow, that’s what you can
Only give me space
I will not be anyone else.

Bangla Sad sms Bangla Sad SMS New

Despite having love
Some relations,
Understand the misunderstanding
Due to the damage

If the pain was the paper,
I would burn them with ashes.
But the difficulties are the fire,
Which is burning me like a paper ashes.

That man is a person’s feelings
Does not know how to pay,
He’s never got anyone
Can not love

মানুষ তাদের সব ভাল না, অনেক কারণে একে অপরের ভালবাসা। তারা একে অপরকে ভালোবাসে কারণ এটি সহজ। অথবা কারণ তারা এটি ব্যবহার করা হয়। অথবা তারা ছেড়ে দেওয়া কারণ। অথবা কারণ তারা ভীত।

Bangla Sad SMS New

Love is a bad habit because of which people do not hesitate to struggle for life all the time.

Many nights crossed
I do not talk to you.
But there is no night left,
That did not think of you

People are found to be lost but can not get back if they change.

When the back of the trouble filled the chest
Aslam is the love of thousands of thousands
The pieces are behind me
Dragged …


You must have had no talk without you,
My red-colored heart is black,
Let the liver burn, but you stay good.


Bangla Sad SMS New

Pray …
Who loves those
Let’s get him !!!
Why not love unfinished?
Really very mud


Bangla Sad Sms

If you have to forget about your happiness,
Then I agree to forget.
I can never forget,
But I can not forget to act


I do not know how long you will miss me
Because, there are many others besides me in your world
But in my world except you
I do not miss any of you today


If you deceive someone
Then do not think he is a fool.
Just think he’ll tell you
So much believed
You’re not worthy of that


Bangla Sad sms

Bangla Sad SMS New

Maybe one day the age will increase too much,
The closest things will be blurred too.
Light will be light on the night of Ashar,
Forget one day
I love you
Nothing more!


Bangla Romantic Sms

Take time to love Kaoyake love to live without him will be much harder than death.

Waiting to do that,
Anyone from the mind
Love … !!

If you are good I love other people, but I hope you enjoy it

Bangla Sad Sms New

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Bangla Happy birth day sms

I live with the memories of pain …
Do not ever laugh about me …
My life is, a sad history ….
This is my fate, a rude mockery.

Bagla Premer Sms

প্রেমের পতন একটি মোমবাতি অধিষ্ঠিত মত।

প্রাথমিকভাবে এটি আপনার চারপাশের বিশ্বের হালকা।

তারপর এটা গলে শুরু এবং আপনি আঘাত।

অবশেষে এটি বন্ধ হয়ে যায় এবং সবকিছু আগের চেয়ে বেশি গাঢ় এবং আপনার সাথে বাকি সবকিছুই হল .. বার্ন!

Bangla premer sms

Bangla Sad SMS New

Who is named in love
Hit him back
Every drops of his eyes tears
The path to your walks is piquant
Will one day

Bangla Koster Sms

If the feelings of the mind
Then there is also the relation

Always think about why, put yourself in the maze,
Suddenly look like you,
I want to be lost again-

Touches the water,
Repeatedly in the eye,
Who will you be if you do not return?

Even if the earth is not emotionally emotionally worth a few people like me ..!
Some people are living with passion ..!

Most of the world
The weak place is the mind
And the weakest
Arms love–+

The path goes out of the way.
In the balcony of my blurred eyes
Long breathing water,
Captured in my arms
Now only the memory of the memory.



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